Wholesale Inquires


Thank you for your interest in Mxtur!

Please note, we manufacture/wholesale all of our products. Prices may vary for each order according to the quantity placement.

The below criteria are for National & International Shops, Spas, & dot.com.

Our Approval Process: Please send an email to {mxtur@mxturhandmade.com} and tell us about your dot.com, and Brick & Mortar. The lines you currently carry. We will need few photos and/or links to your shop. We partner with selected retail and online shops that share a like-minded aesthetic that we believe will do well with our products.

Gift Box Companies: Please send an email to {mxtur@mxturhandmade.com} We partner with multiple gift box companies where Mxtur products are included as part of the gifting program.

Thanks again, and we look forward to talking with you further!

Mxtur Co.